About us

ChampionChip Hungary Ltd was founded in 2003 and today continues to provide its services backed by nearly a decade of extensive worldwide experience with a particular emphasis on the individual and circumstantial needs of competition organizers. As a result of our continuous development, our team has become a much sought after supplier of timing for active sport events both in the Hungarian market and additionally as specialists we are often invited to different parts of the world to supply our skilled services. We are proud that our team of professionals do not only service the larger, more prominent competitions in our local market but are equally happy to cater to the smaller events and competitions that in turn benefit from a team that is well versed in the most advanced timing techniques to international standards. Having experienced a great variety of events and situations, our timing team have now honed exceptional skills of adaptability rising to any challenge or unexpected situation that may arise in an event. Doing so is a regular feature of our work and being able to take on and solve a challenge has rewarded us with many satisfied customers.

Professzionális időmérés sportversenyeken


In 2004 we were able to demonstrate the reliability and accuracy of the technology, as well as our ability to deploy its functions in several different sport disciplines. Attestation by the Dutch parent company of ChampionChip that we rendered our services at a recognized international level was also achieved. Our timing team accomplished timing tasks in walking, road running, duathlon, triathlon and mountain biking events and included one of our biggest experiences at the National Long-Distance Triathlon Championship where we timed 14 split-times per participant.


We persevered into 2005 and continued to widen our range and complexity of tasks. Our competition calendar featured some European Championships, European Cups and AIMS competition days. The announcers and judges of these races came to favor our data services, which supplied continuous information about the competitors for them and facilitated their own tasks. This all led to an increased demand on our services and in countenance, we increased the number of our timing systems. This was also the year we introduced data transfer from the remote split points by GPRS connection.


In 2006 our continued success in renowned races continued and our competition calendar increased still further. Consequently this year we enlarged our team to be able to meet the requirements of handling two separate competitions at the same time. It was during 2006 that we also provided our services to events in Turkey, Greece, Croatia, Italy and Romania with considerable success and internally our engineers completed the task of being able to supply a customized live TV broadcast data service which enabled us to supply the video signals necessary for the mixing of the titles to the TV broadcast unit.


We expanded our capacity again in 2007, with the purchase of more timing systems, a Photo Finish Camera and additionally we set up our third Timing Team. Online we also launched our revamped website and the online results display system. In 2007 we provided the results of 31,000 athletes solely in Hungarian based events and altogether with the international competitions some 40,000 athletes received their exact times from a collective 61 days of events. The International Triathlon Union (ITU) honoured us by acknowledging our achievement on the Duathlon World Championship in Győr as an international level performance.


The year 2008 started with the installation of a TimePoint built-in system at Margaret Island, Budapest. Our aim was that this type of system would provide the possibility of keeping an electronic diary not just for runners in the capital, but additional systems would be available in swimming pools and on cycle tracks too in different parts of the country. As well as the introduction into the market of TimePoint we also introduced the MyLaps ProChip System (Apex).


In 2009, we spread our wings a bit into new sports such as dragon boat racing, wheelchair competitions, ski-orienteering, long distance swimming and in the timing of modern pentathlon. We were contracted to provide our timing services to 4 out of the 8 stages of the ITU Triathlon World Series including the Australian World Championship. It was in this year that we improved and presented our LIVE TV Graphics System for the world during the Istanbul Marathon.


In 2010 the number of our world contests increased in comparison with last years. We were contracted to provide our timing services on the stages of the ITU Triathlon World series including Seoul, Madrid, but the biggest event was the Grand Final in Budapest. Furthermore our team worked on several pentathlons, ski orienteering, athletic, and of course triathlon world contests. In this year we managed to modernize the technology of our bib number production and on-line entry system. During the season we provided the results for almost 70.000 athletes. In 2010 we served the official result of a running event is Astana, Kazakhstan and thanks to this the number of the countries, where ChampionChip Hungary has already worked, increased to 16.


2012-ben Magyarországon több mint 68 000, a külföldi szerepléseinkkel együtt több mint 120 000 versenyzőnek szolgáltattunk megbízható időeredményeket az évad során, az összesen mintegy 113 versenynap alatt. Ebben az évben teljes arculatot váltottunk, új logót vezettünk be és megújítottuk honlapunkat. Időmérő csapataink számát 7-re bővítettük, ez azt jelenti, hogy egy napon akár hét különböző helyen tudjuk kiszolgálni a különböző versenyeket.


2015-ben 128 versenynapon doloztunk. Amire nagyon büszkék vagyunk, hogy a 2015-os FINA Nyiltvizi Junior Úszó Európa Bajnokság rendezvénnyel, amit Swájcban rendeztek meg, 30-ra bővült az országok száma, ahol eddig dolgoztunk. Ebben az évben sikerült az IronMan világába is bizonyítanunk, idén 3 kiemelet nagy rendezvényen mértünk nagy sikerrel. Bővítettük eszközparkunkat, megrendelőink most már választhatják az egyre divatosabb rajtszámra ragasztható UHF technológiát is.

If you are interested in contracting our services, or finding out ways in which the services of EvoChip Hungary can help to enhance your event, please contact us directly. You may also request to attend one of the events we time, for more information on this option, please see our events calendar. versenynaptárunkat!